Sunday, September 20, 2009

all kinds of family time....

The last couple of weeks have been busy for us, filled with lots of family fun. Labor Day weekend was Andy's annual family reunion in a small town in Georgia. We went down to Savannah, GA on Friday evening with Andy's dad, his stepmother, and his sisters. We spent the night in Savannah and then Andy and his dad went to the reunion on Saturday morning. I spent the day with the girls exploring Savannah (since we had decided that we'd have more fun doing a girls day and then going to the reunion on Sunday - that wasn't my idea, but I really liked it! And the boys were ok with it). We took a trolley tour and had a great tour guide who had a fun British accent. We walked around the riverfront and shops and toured one of the historic homes. Savannah is a gorgeous city with lots of neat areas and things to see. I'd love to go back sometime and visit more of the homes and art galleries.

Emily, Stacey, and I enjoying a street concert and some beer in Savannah

Andy had a good time at the reunion and it was good to go on Sunday and meet all the relatives I'd heard about. Andy spent a lot of time out at his Pa's place in Georgia growing up and it was neat to see where his Pa had lived. We also visited with several of Andy's great aunts on his dad's mom's side of the family (the other side of the family than those who hosted the reunion) who lived in Georgia. We had lunch with his two great aunts on Monday who lived on a little island outside of Savannah before we left and they were really sweet and can apparently give a great tour of Savannah if we ever want to go back. And Andy's family was nice enough to humor me and let me go to the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) bookstore to check out their art supplies - I love art college bookstores! I got a good deal on some canvas so I need to get working on some new paintings now. We were very thankful to Andy's dad and stepmother for driving and generously getting hotel rooms for all of us.

The next weekend my brother and his wife came for a short visit. They came to see us on Friday evening after going to a friend's wedding in Durham. My brother had also been checking out Duke divinity school as a possibility for getting his masters next year. They liked it but are still between a few others too - we'd love to have them close to us if we're still here next year, so we're rooting for it! We had a good time walking around town with them and Patrick said that they would've come to visit earlier if they had known that we lived in such a cool artsy town! It was great to have them and we're so thankful that they could come visit.

Yesterday we went up to Greensboro for the day to spend time with Andy's family and go to a birthday party/reunion with his stepmother's family. Like I said - lots of family time recently! It's been busy, but a lot of fun and great to live close enough to be able to visit with everyone so often.

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