Thursday, August 20, 2009

work stuff and our new projects...

Andy has been having a stressful few weeks at work. He and everyone at his station have been busy getting ready for the big event this weekend: Run for the Red 2009

The Fort Bragg American Red Cross station has been partnering with the Highlands Chapter in Fayetteville to help them pull this event off. And of course, I've been drafted too. This week and last week we've both been coming home from and calling our youth volunteers to get enough of them there to man some huge water slides alllll day long for the event. And we'll both be at the event allll day long on Saturday 8:30am until probably at 11pm at best. Pray for Andy's sanity tomorrow as they wrap up all the final details beforehand and for good weather on Saturday and that everything will go smoothly.

My work is not so stressful...except for days like today when our server (which included both our phones and the computer network) went down and we had to go back to the stone age to do our work. We were able to do very little all day....but they wouldn't let us close. We seriously had people cuss us out because we couldn't do the business they needed to do....and they didn't want to drive less than 10 min. to our other site. It was a pain, but oh well. Makes me love the computer age so much more! I've been glad lately for all the life skills I've gained in this and previous jobs. I've been using my mad skills at my current job when being able to work with some of the special needs adults who come in - all the special ed jobs I've held in the past have taught me better how to communicate and break things down so that they can understand hopefully and be more independent. I'm also able to my sign language skills (even though they're pretty rusty now!) with a few deaf customers. One in particular, comes in a lot and has really enjoyed being able to communicate with me through sign language. Today she walked in the door and I was quickly able to sign across the room to her what was going on with our computers and that she should be able to come back tomorrow to do what I knew she needed to do. My manager was standing in the middle of us watching the exchange and was surprised at how well I could communicate that to her so quickly.

Our big project lately has been learning web design. Andy has been working on designing a website for the Fort Bragg American Red Cross station. He's been using my Macbook because it has a decent web design program - it is mostly WYSIWYG but it's working for him since he has had to spend a lot of time updating everything and getting the legal stuff with the Fort Bragg webmasters right. And he's had to learn how to use a mac...but turns out he loves it as much as I do. He's doing a great job and I'll post the site once it's up and running.

As of last night, I've just started taking an online class on web design and coding online through our local community college. It seems like a good course and something I really want to learn since I've always been interested in websites and thinking about artistic and interesting, yet easy to navigate sites. I think my fine art background will be a good starting point, but I definitely need more of the technical skills. I did a little graphic design in high school and college, but things have obviously changed a lot. So we'll see how it goes. If I can learn enough and start doing this on the side for a little while, I think it may be a good career for the future if we move a lot with Andy's job (I can do web design from anywhere we can get internet service!) and if/when we have kids.

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