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Good's taking me forever to finish blogging about our vacation. I'll finish it up tonight, though, I promise!

On Thursday Andy and I got up bright and early (before 6am!) and got ready for a long drive. My sister and her husband were great and offered to let us ride up to Maine with them. The four of us had a good ride and Paul did great driving the whole way! We got up to Freeport, Maine around 5pm and checked into our hotels. We had just enough time to quickly change and go to a rehearsal dinner that my cousin had invited us to. The rehearsal dinner was nice and casual at the loft rental on the wedding site - it was a really neat farm/rental/convention center place where my cousin had the wedding festivities. We got to hang out with all my cousins - 4 boys and their wives/girlfriend, and my aunt and uncle. Andy finally got to meet my cousins and I think he enjoyed getting to know them. He thought it was funny that they grew up in Mt. Airy, NC, near where he's lived in the Greensboro area. Small world.

On Friday, we went and explored Freeport, ME. Freeport is famous as being the LL Bean headquarters and we had fun looking around at the various LL Bean stores....and the other outlet stores around.

After exploring, shopping, going to eat at a fun Maine restaurant, checking out a little local vodka distillery, and Andy getting a nap....we got ready for my cousin, Daniel's wedding. Daniel is my "cousin twin" - he is only 2 weeks older than me. We have another cousin who is a few days younger than my sister, Emily, and a cousin who is a few months older than my brother, Patrick - lotsa "cousin twins" and fun times growing up with them.

Daniel and Meghan saying their vows to each other.

My cousins are Quaker and had a Quaker wedding ceremony. My aunt led the service by saying a few words about a Quaker celebration - anyone could speak and say something to the couple and then when the couple was ready, they would get up and say their vows to each other. We all signed the marriage certificate saying that we had witnessed their wedding. It was a beautiful garden and nice evening. Andy hadn't ever been to a Quaker ceremony before, but he said he really enjoyed it and he appreciated being able to reflect on marriage while sitting there - much more so than he would at a different type of wedding ceremony.

My aunt, uncle, cousins and their spouses/girlfriend, and my little second cousin, Alaina.

Me, Andy, Jen, Patrick, Andrew, Emily and Paul...unfortunately the best picture with my husband being a dork.

After cocktails and pictures in the garden, Daniel and Meghan had a fun reception with great local food! It was a gorgeous wedding and we're so happy for Daniel and Meghan.

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