Monday, August 31, 2009

one year ago today....

...we were getting ready to get married!

I was crazy and stressed out on the day before our wedding. Much more so than I thought I was at the time. For the last few weeks before our wedding, I had been doing way tooo much! I was leading a group of teenagers on a mission trip, finishing up two jobs, searching for, interviewing, and getting a new job in NC, packing, moving everything I owned to NC, saying goodbye to way too many people, planning and finishing up details for the wedding, and missing my fiance' like crazy! So the day before the wedding, I took a little time to go and hang out with Andy and his family at the inner harbor.

Then off to get ready. I went with my sisters and a few friends to get a manicure and then we all went to the go to the church/wedding site to get it ready. I had so many great people helping move chairs, transport flowers, and figure out the outdoor sound system. Thanks to everyone - you guys were absolutely incredible! Then we rehearsed....

and were so excited and ready for the next day!

(photos by my awesome sister-in-law - Emily A.)

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