Monday, August 17, 2009

minor league fun...

We've (well mostly Andy) been talking about going to see some of the minor league baseball games this summer...but our summer has slipped we finally got up on Saturday morning and just decided to go to the game that night. We went up to Durham and did a little shopping/looking around beforehand. We had dinner and then went downtown.

The first great thing about minor league games is the parking....way better and cheaper than anywhere in downtown Baltimore for an Orioles game. We parked close and only paid $3! We got a pair of great seats right behind home plate for only $8 each...another great thing about minor league ball. We had fun exploring the stadium and it was really nice - we were both impressed by how well attended it was and how clean and professional everything was. It was a fun game, good players, and interactive games with people from the crowd in between the innings.

Andy with the famous bull whose eyes light up and smoke blows when the bulls hit a homerun...we got to see it happen a few times!

We didn't sit quite this close, but we had great seats right behind home plate

And the Bulls win! The thing that cracked us both up was that this was an old school score board...there were people behind there putting up the numbers after each score...and you could almost see someone looking out at the game in the 10th inning spot.

The team mascot, Wool E. Bull, waving the victory flag

And there's Lucky, the Wonder Dog running around the bases doing a victory lap

After the game there was a great fireworks show - that was set off right from the middle of the outfield!

What a fun time! We're hoping to go back one more time before the end of the season, maybe with my cousin and his wife who recently moved to Durham.

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