Thursday, August 13, 2009

family visit...

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while....just haven’t gotten around to it has been a bit busy. Andy and I have had a crazy few weeks. I had a lot going on at work, including a big audit and having to be sorta in charge since my boss was on vacation. This week has been back to “normal” and a little quieter at my job. Andy still has a busy week and a half ahead of him, since his station is helping to host a big event next weekend. I think I’m helping him to call and recruit a bunch of youth volunteers tonight. Once we get through the event, we’re going to be getting ready to celebrate our first anniversary!

Two weekends ago, my dad, my sister, Emily, and little brother, Andrew came for a quick visit before they dropped Andrew off at my aunt and uncle's. They came on Friday - and I unfortunately had a rough, long day at work and didn't get off until we just went out to eat for dinner. On Saturday we took them to Ft. Bragg and Fayetteville so that Andrew could see the base. We took some fun pictures at the 82nd Airborne museum on base:

Andrew - a force of nature!

Me and my little brother

Husband and I

Emily and I looking gorgeous

After showing Andrew around Ft. Bragg, we went to downtown Fayetteville and walked around the cute shops a little. Our favorite was this cupcake bakery:

We split these 2 amazing cupcakes - Lemon Vanilla Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip good!

We hit up Sonic and then came home. Andy cooked some great steak for everyone on the grill. Then he, Emily, and I went out to check out our little town's night life. We went to a talent night at a little coffee chop and then went to a little local hang out place for a drink. We were definitely home by 11pm. Gotta love small town living!

My family left that morning so they could go meet my aunt and uncle up in Durham for an early lunch. It was good to see them and we had a good weekend.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words. It really brightened up my day when I read your comment.

    I love your artwork, it's so bright and vibrant. The multicolored hands are really awesome. I'm really impressed with people who do more of an impressionist take on clothes because I just can't quite think outside the box and focus more on the shadows and folds.

    I hope you post your painting.