Monday, July 20, 2009 2

On Monday we had a fun and tiring day in Washington, DC. We decided to be tourists and enjoy some sights since we didn't know when we'd be up there again with a free day to go to DC. We had both lived there for different periods of time, so we know the area fairly well, but we thought we would see some new places too. We hopped on the Metro at Greenbelt and rode into the city. Our first stop was Andy's choice - he wanted to go see the Air Force Memorial in honor of his grandpa. We got off at the Pentagon stop and looked at the memorial there, then started to hike over to the Air Force Memorial. I wasn't thrilled about how long a hike it was - it's definitely longer than it seems when reading about it online! But it was a neat looking memorial and a good view of the city.

Then we had lunch and went to the National Gallery of Art (my choice) and I got to wander around. Andy was pretty good about it and he enjoyed some of the modern art. This is a pic from the tunnel between the east and west buildings.

Traditional Capitol and monument photos.

We also went to the Air and Space Museum for a little while and then decided we were exhausted and really wanted 7-11 icees, so we decided to call it a day. We drove back into Baltimore and went to one of my old favorite restaurants, Red Brick Station for their half-price burgers for dinner. We were both really beat by the time we went to bed that night, but had a good day.

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