Monday, July 20, 2009 1

Andy and I both took the week off last week to go on our vacation up north to see friends and family and celebrate one of my cousins' wedding. We left on Saturday and enjoyed a more leisurely trip up to Baltimore than our usual mad dash after work to try and make the most of our few weekend days. We ended up taking the Blue Ridge parkway route and enjoyed the scenic drive. Well, Andy probably enjoyed it more than I did - I was reading for most of the trip, as I started my vacation that morning by going to the library to pick out a bunch of nice, long fiction books to read all week. We got into Baltimore that evening and visited with my parents for a while. They were leaving the next day, Sunday, to go on their vacation in Massachusetts with my little brother. We were thankful to be able to house sit for them for a few days so that we could visit DC and spend time with friends and my siblings in Baltimore.

On Sunday Andy and I woke up late then went down for a walk around the inner harbor - the weather was gorgeous! Then I went to hang out with my close girlfriends to celebrate Emily Joy’s birthday. We had a great time shopping, making a meal together, and watching a Jane Austen movie. We invited the husbands to join us for dinner and all had a good time visiting.

We went back to my parent's house and my brother and his wife came over to see us and I gave them their wedding present...just in time for their one year anniversary! It was a portrait I painted that was from a picture taken of them. It was a sentimental scene because it was the bell tower at their college where they went to ring the bell and announce to the campus that they had gotten engaged per their college's tradition. I was a little worried they would think it looked like them or wouldn't like it, but I think they liked it since they seemed pretty happy! Here's a picture of them holding the painting:

That night, my aunt, uncle, and my cousin's wife came to my parent's house to spend the night on their way up to prepare for the wedding later that week in Maine. It was good to see them and fun that my cousin and his wife are moving to Durham, NC and we'll get to hopefully see them more often.

More vacation pics and adventures to come.....

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