Wednesday, July 22, 2009

so frustrated!

Taking a break from vacation posting (there are still a few more posts coming!) vent about our apartment issues.

The day before we left to go on vacation, we found out our air conditioner was somehow leaking and the carpet all around it was getting quite damp. We tried to go and report it that day, but the leasing office was mysteriously closed. So we waited until the next day and our bathroom plumbing decided to stop working well that morning - what an inconvenience! But we were leaving town, so we packed everything in the car and waited until the leasing office opened to go and report both of these big issues. The new little guy in the office wrote everything down and we tried to convey the urgency of both of these problems and asked him to make sure they got fixed right away even though we would be out of town the following week.

But after a long day of driving the following Sunday we came home (around 11pm) to a moldy, wet apartment and our only bathroom was still all clogged up! Not a nice relaxing welcome at all. We were both really upset and had to call the emergency maintenance guy to come and help de-clog the toilet that night. He managed to get out there and help out after midnight and we also explained our dismay at the AC still leaking and the water and mold all over the place. The next day Andy was off and tried to get people moving on fixing the leak and cleaning up the mold. He couldn't get much of a response except for a half-way fixing of the AC and someone bringing in a big fan to put under only a section of the affected carpet. We had sent an email with our frustrations and desire for answers, but got none. Finally on Tuesday we had to send a threatening email saying that we would call the health inspectors out if we didn't get some answers and get the mold removed since it is a major health hazard for me as an asthmatic! That got some action and the maintenance guy was out until 8:30pm fixing a second leak in the AC and putting in a new hot water heater. They also put in a second fan in another affected area (but still didn't do anything about the major wet spot in our bedroom closet even though we've mentioned it several times to them). Andy still ended up calling the health folks in our town and they came out once today and are sending in an expert tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get somewhere with actually getting the mold out. All our apt. manager wants to do is paint over the mold on the walls and shampoo the rug - she says she won't replace it even though it is stained and moldy.

We're so frustrated and have been having allergy issues for the first time ever living here. We can't get the manager to communicate well or work with us at all and we can't get a hold of her manager to report any of this! So absolutely frustrating! And our home is a mess with everything pulled up and wet. Pray for our sanity and that this gets fixed soon! Thanks. End of venting, hopefully.

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    That is horrible about your carpet! I don't ever understand why apartment complexes have to be so difficult sometimes. Hang in there!