Monday, July 27, 2009

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On Tuesday, we slept in, I finished a book, and we recovered from the day before in DC. I went to lunch with my sister, Katie and her daughter, Samara. Samara's getting so big! I had a good time visiting with Katie and was glad we found the time - she's a busy working mama!

While I was hanging with Katie and Samara, Andy went over to help my other sister, Emily paint a little in their new house. Emily and her husband just bought their first house and are busy fixing things up. We were glad we got to see a little of the progress and I went over to help out a little too.

On Wednesday I ran some errands in the "big city" and then had lunch with my grandmother. She's amazing at 94 yr old - still fun, healthy, and I'm glad I got to spend time with her.

Then we got together with my sister, Emily, and my brother and his wife for a traditional Baltimore crab dinner. Emily got a bunch of $1 crabs and they were great! We also had guac, veggies, and some beer brats (for Andy who didn't eat any crabs!). A great dinner and good time.

This is Baltimore in the summer

Then my sister-in-law, Jen convinced me to go to my old Wed. night hangout with her - I really wanted to go, but thought I shouldn't be out so late since we were getting up and driving really early the next day...but her both our husbands said that we should go and that they would stay home and pack - they were both really sweet! So we went and saw T and Troy and some of the old crowd, had some fabulous beer and dessert.

Great couple of days in Baltimore! Next up....Maine....

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