Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July weekend with friends

Last weekend some of my best friends, Becki and Erin, came down from Baltimore to visit us. They drove through some crazy holiday traffic and joined us for some pizza on Friday night. Erin brought her dog, Reba. Reba did great driving and was really very good all weekend - she didn't bark hardly at all!
On Saturday Andy stayed home to hang out with Reba and the girls and I went exploring in town. We went to a great local flower and garden shop that somehow had included a military museum, antique store, and Christmas ornament shop all together. We of course had to take pictures....

Me and Becki

Becki and Erin posing with a southern belle Christmas tree...yeah...

We walked around town a little more and found this crazy sign:

I know the deli owner/manager and I keep forgetting to ask why they decided to give tours of the bathroom. I wonder if its as exciting as the bathrooms in one of my fave diners in Baltimore, The Paper Moon Diner, where the manikins scare you half to death when you go in!

Behind Becki and Erin was a funny scene of the firemen all sitting there eating ice cream. Only in a small town.

Andy grilled dinner for us all and it was delicious! Then we went to a local fireworks show and had a great time. We loved having Becki, Erin, and Reba visit and were sad to see them go on Sunday.

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