Friday, June 19, 2009

waterpark adventures...

June has been a crazy month for us so far. We still don't know if Andy will be deploying this month - as he said in his post a while ago, he's on the back up list and we still could end up hearing that he needs to go at the last minute. So that's been a little stressful to think about, but oh well.

We've both been busy with work and finishing up the year with the American Red Cross youth group we've been leading. A few weeks ago we had the big end of year awards ceremony for the youth. Then last Saturday we took 11 teens to Wet n' Wild up in Greensboro for an end of year fun trip. We had another couple help us chaperone and we rented a 15 passenger van to get everyone up there. It was a fun but exhausting trip - we left our home here at 6am to drive to Fayetteville to pick up the van and meet the youth on Bragg....and then we didn't get back to our apt. until midnight. We were thankful for the nice hot weather and that there were no major catastrophes that occured. I had fun going down a few of the waterslides, but Andy couldn't get in water at all since he had just gotten his smallpox vaccine (along with a whole cocktail of shots that he needed in case he gets deployed). He got his feet wet a few times and I made him pose for this picture:

We were both exhausted on Sunday and tried to recover all day. I ended up feeling worse and worse and had to go to the doctor on Tuesday to get medicine for a bad ear infection that I ended up getting. I'm still not feeling great and hope to rest up this weekend. I told Andy we're never doing a waterpark again and that I should get extra volunteer hours since I've gotten so sick.

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