Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday night at home....

We have been loving the warm weather and we have been cooking on the grill several nights a week....Andy loves grilling and trying new marinade recipes....and I love letting him cook me dinner so much these days. This past Saturday night, we had a great dinner! Andy did some marinated steaks on the grill and I tried a new recipe (this is my version since I changed it and since I can't find the original link to the recipe I modified - the original recipe used mushrooms, which we don't like, shallots, which I didn't have, and lemon juice and zest, which is too acidic for Andy - he has some sort of allergy/intolerance to a lot of lemony things):
Grilled Potato Salad

I sliced up 3 potatoes, half of an onion, and some fresh broccoli and put it in a grilling pan. I brushed on some olive oil, but then needed more, I also sprayed PAM on the bottom of the pan. I put that on the grill for about 20 min. While that was cooking, I mixed up the dressing. I mixed 1/3 c. of red wine vinegarette, 1/3 c. of olive oil, and 2 T. of mustard with rosemary and garlic powder to taste (I didn't have any fresh garlic, but that would've been great!). When the potatoes and broccoli were done, I mixed it in the dressing.

Both the steak and the grilled potato salad turned out great! But the corn bit the dust. Andy soaked it well, but it still caught on fire too much to be we let the squirrels have it. Andy mixed up some drinks and we had a good night watching a classic movie - Top Gun. I am proud of Andy for actually watching movies with me lately - usually he watches about 20 min. and then his ADD kicks in and he goes in the other room to surf the web and channel surf. But we watched all of Top Gun this week and all of "New in Town" (with Renee Zellweger - it was really good) last Friday night together.

Last weekend we had a good time visiting with Andy's Dad for Father's day. We spent a lot of time up at the lake with Darrell and Rae and enjoyed spending time with them. Unfortunately, I was still feeling pretty sick and wasn't the greatest company and took a bunch of naps. But we were still glad we got to go and let Andy hang out with his Dad. I called my dad and talked to the rest of my family some on the way home.

Andy wrote a post a few months ago about finding out that he was on the back-up list to be deployed overseas with the American Red Cross to a military base for about 4 months. So far he hasn't been called. This week is most likely the last week that he would be called and told that he has to go because someone who is currently going cannot. Please pray that we don't get that call, as we are not really mentally prepared for him to go and because it would be so short notice at this point. But pray that we'll be able to quickly get ready and be at peace if he does. Thanks!

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