Monday, May 04, 2009

spring cleaning...

This weekend we were pretty much home all weekend - which was boring but very nice. We chilled on Friday evening and helped out a neighbor who's having some problems. Saturday morning we went to the eye doctor because my eye had been bugging me all week. Thankfully they worked us in and I found out I had an eye infection. So antibiotics and no contacts for a week...oh well.

Then I came home and tackled the house. Since we've been traveling and busy for the past few weekends, I figured it was definitely time to do some deep cleaning. It felt great to organize and reduce clutter. I have another bag of clothes to go to consignment. I took some clothes to a local consignment chain back in Feb. or March and just found out that I made $36 dollars. Which is good motivation to get rid of more stuff that I don't use to get $ to buy new stuff!

Sunday night was our last Red Cross Youth meeting of the year - we still have the recognition ceremony and the waterpark outing, but this was the last regular meeting. It went really well, despite Andy and I not being as prepared as I'd like since he's had too much going on at work to really focus on the youth. The youth are great and we've had a good year with them. We're trying to finish out the year and leave a lot of info and material to pass on to the Red Cross staff member who will be the adult leader next year. We were left doing this at the last minute and didn't have much of anything to go on last year, so we're hoping to help someone out a lot more!

I can't wait until this weekend when I get to see my family for my sister's wedding and enjoy a little time with friends to celebrate a good friend's birthday!!!!

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