Wednesday, April 08, 2009

still laughing about these...

Just thought I'd share a few funny moments...
  • Last week I had the first bad migraine (and felt all nauseated and bad) that I'd had in a while and called and told Andy about it. He apparently mentioned to one of his co-workers that I was feeling sick to me stomach and she thought it was due to a different reason. She started hinting around and getting excited for us and it took Andy a little while before he realized what she was thinking. Now his female co-workers are joking a lot about how oblivious he is sometimes...(and nope, I was definitely just sick because of the migraine and I know I'm not pregnant for anyone who's still wondering).

  • I had a moment this week where I realized that I'm at an awkward age. An awkward age for clothes, that is. I was killing time during my lunch hour at a little boutique in town and tried on a jacket. It fit pretty well and was a good price, but I couldn't decide if it made me look too old or if it was cute. I was really torn! I didn't get it because I just spent too long trying to decide and figured I'd probably always wonder about it if I got it. I went back to work and mentioned the incident to my co-workers and the two that are younger than me laughed. The one co-worker who is just a little older than me completely agreed though - that once you get close to thirty it is harder to tell with clothes. You don't want to wear the high school/college girl clothes anymore, but then things that aren't in the juniors section can seem a little too old. Haha....I'm not sure if this makes any sense, but it was a funny moment in my life this week...mostly it was amusing to me that I was so confused.

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