Monday, April 20, 2009

Fayetteville beautiful...

This weekend was slightly exhausting. On Saturday morning, we got up early, grabbed a few biscuits for breakfast and headed out to Fayetteville. We somehow thought that it would be a good idea for our Red Cross youth to volunteer to help pick up trash along the road as part of a big annual citywide effort called Fayetteville Beautiful. I wasn't sure it was a good idea at 8am that morning. But the sun was shining and it promised to be a very nice that helped convince me. Andy and I picked up the supplies (gloves, bags, water, checking to make sure we had a first aid kit in the car) and made our plan of attack after driving our route. We had 5 awesome youth volunteers show up (it was spring break here, so we knew we probably would'nt get a huge crowd). I took the three teen girls on one side of the street and Andy took the two teen guys to the other side of the street. Each group filled quite a few bags and got through about a mile of road. We ended up at CiCi's pizza for lunch after we finished. It was kinda fun and a good workout. Everyone did great - and I'm happy to report that the only injury was Andy getting a little sunburned.

After all the youth were picked up/back to their cars, Andy and I changed into a little less smelly clothes and went to historic Fayetteville to meet one of Andy's new co-workers, Linda. We had a good time visiting with her and her new dog and walking around and checking out the cute shops. I had fun taking pictures while Andy was talking business with Linda - here are a few:

Then we hit up Kohl's since we were nearby and I got a few spring sweaters on clearance. We got Sonic drinks for the road and headed back home after a long day. We were both a little sore on Sunday....but I still managed to convince Andy to go on an hour long walk on a new trail near our house. Sunday also brought grocery shopping (we only spent $35 instead of my budgeted $40/week thanks to sales and coupons!) and laundry. And that was our exciting weekend...


  1. Wow -- $40 a week. Wish we could manage to do that! There are only two of us and we spend (waste) a lot more than that! I love reading your blog. Thanks for keeping it up! I've been trying to do better on mine.... sometimes its hard!

  2. Sundays are very exhausting for us as well. You have such a low budget, that is great!