Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend...

This weekend Andy and I were thankful to be able to go up and visit with his family for Easter. We went up Friday night and got there fine, even though there were some bad storms that night - we managed to miss them all. Saturday morning, Andy and his Dad went up and did a little work at the lake house while I hung out with his step-mom and sister. We ran a few errands - one of which was to go and get some of my favorite beer - Midas Touch! Andy had found a store in Greensboro that carried it and suggested we go and get some while we were up there, since it's hard to find anywhere where we live (he's checked). It's kind of sad that was a highlight of my weekend, but I blame it on my brother. He managed to turn me into a beer snob a few years ago and now I'm really picky about beer. I don't drink a lot of it at all, but every now and then its a fun treat with friends. We ended up getting a lot of it - enough to probably last me a long time.

After our errands, we had lunch and joined the boys up at the lake. We had a great relaxing afternoon/evening with Andy's family and a few of their friends. I went to Andy's sister's church with her on Sunday morning and really enjoyed it. Andy's dad and step-mother made a delicious Easter dinner for us all that afternoon. Then we finally had to head home so that we could get a few loads of laundry done - back to real life.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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  1. Patrick11:09 AM

    Ah yes my little craft beer convert....