Sunday, April 05, 2009

about the weekend and my painting project...

I’m in a better mood than I was in my last post. Sorry about the venting! I've had a much better past few days. Thursday I went out to Ft. Bragg to see Andy’s big Red Cross volunteer appreciation ceremony. He had been working hard on organizing for the last few months and it was neat to see everything come together so well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and they said he did a great job with everything. We then had to go run to get him new glasses because he managed to lose his only pair that morning. We found somewhere in Fayetteville that could get him in as a walk-in appointment and get him glasses made by the next day. The irony is that we both had eye appointments scheduled for this Saturday in our little town, but we realized that they wouldn’t be able to make glasses for him for at least another week and he really needs them sooner than that since he is supposed to wear them to drive anywhere.

Friday was a crazy day at work for me - we didn’t even get to take a lunch break, but oh well. The working environment was a little better though because we were all too busy and no one had time to be all dramatic about anything. Saturday morning I had my eyes checked and got new contacts ordered. Thankfully there’s not much change in my eyes this year and everything is fine. Then I convinced Andy to go out to a big rummage sale in a neighboring town with me. There wasn’t a whole lot that we were interested in, but I did find a nice set of frames that I’ll do something with for only fifty cents. I also saw this great little wood chest. It was somewhat beat up, but I thought it would be a perfect painting project. Andy wasn’t so sure, but I talked him into it. I was really excited about it, especially when I bargained with the owners and walked away with it for just five dollars.

I spent the rest of the day painting my new wooden chest. Here it is with a coat of (spray paint) primer:

It was white, but pretty dirty and dingy, so I think using the primer was helpful. Then I painted it a pretty blue color (a cheap quart of paint from Lowe’s) all over:

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it, I just knew that I wanted it to look a little bit funky and unique, but still be somewhat simple. I ended up using acrylic paint (that I already had) and sponge painting several blues on top of the first blue coat. I painted a pretty simple design on the front and top with a neat copper paint. Then I found an antiquing gel that I had been wanting to try out. You are supposed to sponge/paint the gel on top of the surface that you are trying to “antique” and then wipe the excess off immediately. It was interesting to work with and I liked the effect it had on the darker colors, but I thought it looked streaky and weird on the light blue. So I ended up repainting the top - back to original blue with the copper design - and then I just put a gloss varnish over that portion. Here’s the finished chest:

I’m pretty happy with it. I think it was a great deal and it will work out well in our living room to store shoes and maybe a few other things that we usually have lying around. While I was hard at work, Andy got a long nap and then grilled some steak for us for dinner.

Now we’re off to do our monthly meeting with American Red Cross Youth. And so begins another week...

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