Monday, March 30, 2009

my new toy and what we've been up to...

so I have apparently been to busy playing with my new toy and forgetting to blog and tell everyone about it...but here it is:

I got a new macbook!!!  I have been wanting a mac for literally years and years.  Probably since high school graphic design class and definitely since college.  I just haven't had a good reason or the ability to get one until now.  When my faithful compaq laptop of nearly 5 years died suddenly, we discussed getting me a new laptop, but decided that we could wait and save up a little since husband had a perfectly good laptop.  We missed having 2 laptops, but we didn't really NEED a new one right now.  We knew we would in the future when Andy deploys, but since we don't think that is likely to happen for at least 8 months or so, we really were going to wait.  Then we did our taxes and found out that we were going to get a big refund...and well...I persuaded Andy to let me use part of that refund to get my long-desired mac.  When we were up in Greensboro visiting with Andy's family for his dad's birthday, his sister and stepmother took me to the Apple store and helped me pick my new macbook out.  Andy's sister, Emily, has had a macbook for a while and is a huge fan.  Andy now gives me grief about getting a mac instead of a pc, but he likes it too.  And he likes not having to share his laptop anymore.

That is obviously my biggest news, but some other fun things that happened last week are:
  • We had a great time visiting with Andy's family in Greensboro - shopping, celebrating, and game night.  It's great to live close and be able to spend time with them.
  • Last Sunday afternoon we had an American Red Cross Youth Leadership development day.  I planned a lot of the activities with the help of one of the members who is a senior in high school.  We came up with some hands on activities that helped the youth learn/think about some leadership skills.  We had a few new people and some the "quieter" kids who really did great with interacting and coming out of their shells.  It was a very successful activity and we all had a good time.  Bonus - I got to pull out a book that I went through in a leadership development thing I did when I was in high school with 4-H and use activities I had learned over 10 years ago!  
  • Andy actually didn't have to work late on Wed. night and we were able to finally go to the young married's Bible study.  We had been going when it was once a month, but it recently changed to an every week format and we hadn't been able to make it for the first few weeks.  We were glad we finally got to go and we both really enjoyed it.  There are some new couples and it seems like a great group for us to become more involved with.  Andy is going to try and keep his schedule clear for Wed. night with work so that we can try to go every week from now on - yay!
And that's about it.  This should be another busy week for both of us.  Hope everyone out there is doing well.

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