Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fun moments...

Over the past week:

- I made some dyed green (lemon poppy seed) muffins to take to work for St. Patrick's day. Andy wouldn't wear anything green, despite my best attempts to get him to join me in celebrating.

- Andy doesn't understand budgeting yet. He is such an impulse buyer! On Sunday evening, we were doing some grocery shopping. I've been trying to save money, stick to our budget, and plan things, so I had asked Andy if he needed me to add anything to the list before we went. He said no. Then we get to the store and he tries to add several things - and we did end up getting a few extra things that we did need. But when he was wanting something that we really didn't need, I put my foot down, and didn't want to get it because it was going to put us over the amount that I had out to spend. He finally gave me a few more dollars (from his personal spending money) for the juice he wanted to buy. And we laughed about it. I don't think he's coming shopping with me next week.

- Saturday was a lazy rainy day. I went to a flea market that was fun, but really crowded. I ended up getting a few plates that are multi-colored and somewhat match/go with our Fiestaware dishes. I think that will make good serving plates and they were a bargain at 5o cents each. I made homemade pizza for dinner and while we were eating, we were talking about getting me a new laptop when our tax refund arrived. We've gone back and forth about getting me a macbook. I really want one, but we're debating about the price tag compared to PC notebooks. Andy suddenly decided that we should go to an Apple store to ask questions and play around with them. So we jump in the car and go....even though the closest store is in Raleigh - an hour and a half away. It was a fun random trip.

- I'm still not used to small town life. When we went to the pub on Friday night, the waiter brought us bread because he remembered that Andy had asked for it when we went there last time...over a month ago....and it was only our second time there.

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