Friday, March 06, 2009

end of another week...

Not a whole lot going on this week. Husband and I have both been busy with our jobs. I've been working hard during the day since we're already short-staffed and then one more person has been out doing training, so it's been crazy for the three of us left. I have come home and crashed on the couch several nights, not wanting to move, and getting in way too much TV time. Andy has been having to work several evenings doing briefings and such. Hopefully the new staff person at his office will start helping out more as she learns the ropes and they'll be able to share more of the evenings and things he's been having to manage alone soon.

On Monday we got a very little bit of snow that was gone by the end of the day. We got a lot less than expected and there were areas very close to us that got a lot more - like Andy's family an hour and a half north of us. Here are his sister's pics of all the snow. I can handle snow like we got - only a very little bit and gone quickly. It is supposed to be gorgeous weather (in the 70s) this weekend and we're looking forward to spring. We are even thinking about trying to play a little softball together on our church's team. I'm not sure about it though, because neither of us have played in a loooong time and church softball is a BIG deal around here. The coach I talked to encouraged us to come out though and see how it goes since they always need people and its a great place to learn and get to know people. It would be a fun thing for husband and I to do together and help us get in shape more. So we'll see....I just can't wait for warm weather all the time! Spring is finally here!

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