Tuesday, February 17, 2009

long weekend at the beach...

On Friday, right after work, husband and I hopped in our SUV and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC to celebrate the holiday and long weekend. We were both off of work on Monday for President's day and we were both very much in need of a vacation. We were so thankful to Andy's dad and stepmother for letting us enjoy the weekend and stay at their condo -which was only about a block away from the ocean! I hadn't ever been to Myrtle Beach before and Andy hadn't been for about 4 years, so we had a lot of fun exploring the area and all there was to see and do. The weather wasn't very warm - only in the 50s for most of the weekend, but at least it wasn't raining or freezing cold like it could have been in February.

We had a short drive down there - it took us about 3 hours. We unloaded our things when we got to the condo and then went for a quick night walk on the beach. Cold...but nice and relaxing. We slept in on Saturday and then woke up and went for another walk on the beach. Andy at first said he wasn't a big beach person, but he was the one suggesting all the walks - seriously! He decided he liked the beach and Myrtle in particular much better than he originally thought. We spent the day exploring the area and doing some shopping at the great outlets down there. It was Valentine's day, but we had already decided that since all the nice restaurants were going to be booked and crazy that evening, we would do a lower key dinner on Saturday. Then we would go out to a nicer restaurant on Sunday evening and celebrate more then. We had decided that the whole weekend would be a great way for us to spend Valentine's day - lots of great relaxing time together.

This is what the condo looked like where we stayed - these were the ones right on the beach though. The one we stayed in was a block behind this one.

We enjoyed remembering what all was going on in our lives last year on Valentine's day. We both had a lot going on and had been thinking hard and praying about a future together and what that would look like. We had gone out to dinner and then Andy was driving me home in his truck. He turned to me and asked me if I would marry him! It was kind of out of the blue - even though we'd been talking about it in the week or two before. I think I might have hit him (lightly) on the arm and told him that he couldn't ask me to marry him driving in his truck. The way he remembers it, he was fully intending to propose properly, but he just felt like asking then. Crazy boy. Then a week later we both had decided we were pretty sure and we went out to dinner with my parents to talk to them and for Andy to ask for my parents permission and blessing to "officially" ask me to marry him. How crazy that only a year later we would be married and having an amazing weekend at the beach together.

Sunday was more of the same...we went to Barefoot Landing and Boardwalk on the beach and had a good time walking around and going in all the little shops. Andy really enjoyed feeding fish (and the ducks who stole the fish food right out from them) and watching them as we walked along the boardwalk. We debated for quite a while about where to go for dinner - there are way too many good choices at Myrtle Beach! We ended up going to a great microbrew restaurant overlooking the water and we loved it. It was great and we were glad we didn't try and fight the crowds on Saturday so that we could have our pick of restaurants and be able to have such a good view.

On Monday we were sad to leave and go back to real life. We definitely enjoyed our time and are looking forward to going back sometime. One thing that we did do that we both were glad we did and have decided we would like to do on future weekends away/vacations (when possible) is that we left our laptops at home (I know - shocking, right? We both surf the net too much and need a forced break from time to time) and we took off our watches and turned off our cell phones for the majority of the weekend.

I'll do another post later or tomorrow with pictures from the random stop we made on the way home on Monday.....

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