Sunday, February 08, 2009

helping those who have served our country...

This weekend I was a "drafted" volunteer for the American Red Cross and was helping my husband at a potluck lunch. The lunch was for the Wounded Warriors at Fort Bragg. The Wounded Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) is a big deal at Bragg and with the Red Cross - everywhere you go on Bragg, there are posters and things talking about the WTUs and the special things offered to help and honor them for their service. My husband and his colleagues at the Red Cross office decided to hold this event to have something fun for the wounded warriors to come to on the weekend, since apparently there are things for them all week, but not much to help occupy their time and distract them on weekends. And we decided to get our Red Cross youth to help out. The adult volunteers and staff were in charge of the food and the youth were asked to help out with entertainment. We weren't given a lot of notice, but the youth decided to have some things for any younger kids (children of the warriors) to do and then we rented a kareoke machine to have for any adults wanting to perform.

Saturday was a gorgeous day - 60+ degrees outside (NC weather is pretty crazy...we just had snow on Tuesday and now people were wearing shorts). We had a good turnout all around with a good number of both volunteers and soldiers and families. The youth did a phenomenal job and had games, bubbles, and a Playstation set up. There were some kids there and it was nice for the youth to take them to go hang out and have fun nearby so that their parents could talk and relax. A few people sang, and there were several soldiers there who were very appreciative and even cried when thanking the Red Cross for hosting the event.

After the afternoon event, Andy had to go and do a hospital new volunteer orientation and he had me sit in on it too....just in case he needed to "draft" to help out there too.

Then since I had helped him out so much all day, I talked my husband into heading into Fayetteville to go shopping at Target. It's about the one store that we don't have in our little town that I really miss sometimes. Oh well. A good, long Saturday.

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