Tuesday, February 24, 2009

adventures south of the border.....

Well it's taken me a little longer than I thought to get up the rest of the pics from our Myrtle Beach trip (due to my laptop dying and then I left for another weekend trip this weekend), but here they are - finally!

On the way home from the beach on Monday, we started seeing all these billboards for something called "Pedro's South of the Border". Andy had been there before and had been telling me about it, so we decided we needed to stop off and visit. It is a little tourist [trap] that is literally right over the southern border of North Carolina in South Carolina. There are a lot of fireworks there...and I thought about getting some for my brother Andrew, but my mom would've killed me, so I didn't. There was also a lot of junky trinkets and things that we looked at briefly. But we had more fun looking around outside at all the animals and statues everywhere.

This is my favorite picture!

It was a fun stop to see once...not sure I ever need to go back, but I'm glad we went and saw Pedro's.

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