Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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It's so crazy about how different our lives are now than they were at this time last year. Andy was in the middle of trying to find a job and hoping that things worked out with all the hoops the American Red Cross puts you through to get a job. I was busy working with my youth group and probably doing a girls only lock-in or our 30-hour famine and getting sick because I was getting no sleep and doing too much. Andy and I were starting to seriously talk about our relationship and our future and pray hard about marriage. How good God is. We are so unbelievably happy together and with where God has us right now. It's a good, relaxing time for us to focus on our new marriage without a lot of added responsibilities. And we're loving it!

(this is obviously not us....but it's what we look like a lot of nights....both of us sitting on the couch with our laptops. Yes, we're slightly nerdy like that)

It's almost time to decide whether or not to renew our custom domain name that we got to help point everyone to our wedding website last year. It then got switched to a blog after the wedding that I was hoping to keep up with as a family website, in addition to trying to do a personal blog. But that's obviously not going well....I can barely keep up with one, much less two! We do like having a fun, easy website to tell people about though, so we've decided to keep our domain name and I'm just going to point it here and work on keeping this one up to date! The current blog address: should still work if you are reading/subscribing there. Or you can switch to check our blog out at our newly re-directed address:

(no www - for some reason, I can't get that redirect to work - just type into your address line). If you want to visit our old blog site, it is still up at

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