Friday, January 16, 2009

thankful thoughts of the past week....

I'm thankful for:

- Jan. 12th - my husband's birthday! So thankful for you and the blessing you are in my life. Happy (belated) birthday honey!


- I'm thankful that your dad, stepmother, and sister were able to come down to visit and celebrate with us last weekend. We had a good time showing them around our town (and doing some shopping) and enjoyed going to Outback Steakhouse together. I had actually never been to an Outback before - crazy I know. It was really good and it was so nice of Andy's parents to take us out to dinner there.

- My cold/flu junk being mostly better!

- My husband being great and putting up with me being sick and grumpy....and that he helped out and fixed us dinner a few times.

- Good heat and a fireplace in our home - it's been freezing here this week!

- My good friend Emily Joy having a safe delivery and healthy son early Wednesday morning. Congratulations to Emily, Nate, and big sister, Olivia on the birth of their new baby boy, Elijah Nathan.

Emily Joy as a beautiful (4 1/2 months pregnant!) bridesmaid at our wedding.

- I'm thankful that I didn't break my foot - I just somehow managed to severely strain a ligament in my foot this week. Not sure how I did it, but oh well. Thanks to Andy's foot issues, we already knew a good foot doctor who I saw this morning. He gave me some good meds to help with the swelling and said that I should have a fairly short recovery time of only a few weeks if all goes well.

- 3 day weekend! Yay!

- My good friends, Becki and Josh, are coming from Baltimore to visit us for a few days this weekend! I'm so excited to see them.

Hope everyone reading has had just as many (or many more) things to be thankful for this week!

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