Sunday, January 18, 2009

my football fanatic family...

Everyone in Maryland has RAVENS fever - from what I hear. The last time that we went to the playoffs everything in the city turned purple and I'm sure its about the same now. This evening, my family is up there having a party, cheering their team on......and wearing a lot of purple. Here's a few of the pics my mom just posted on facebook:

Mom, Dad, Andrew, Patrick, Jen, and Emily (her husband is apparently not too into football)

Looks like Andrew even got a "Ravens cast"
put on his broken arm

I'm not a football fan at all....but I'm even flipping back and forth every now and then to catch the score.....but I know I'll see the outcome all over facebook the second the game is over. For all of their sake (because, boy will it be a sad day otherwise) - I hope the Ravens win!

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