Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving & Christmas 2008

On Wednesday, we left for Baltimore right after I finished work at around 5:30pm. We had a pretty good trip and arrived at my parent's house at about 1am. We slept in (some) on Thursday morning and then woke up and the rest of my siblings started coming over around noon. We had Thanksgiving dinner and then watched a favorite Christmas movie - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It was officially Chirstmas time for our family! We exchanged gifts - doing our annual gag gift exchange and then exchanged ornaments, then each family gave gifts to the family that they had drawn. We gave gifts to my sister Emily and her husband, Paul. My other sister, Katie had gotten us and she and Dan gave us some fun gifts off our wedding registry. The funny part was that my parents had drawn their own name, so they decided to just give gifts to all of us. My little brother Andrew did really well - he didn't get a lot of gifts and it was a different Christmas than usual, but he had fun handing out gifts and decided he'd be ok when he realized that he was the only kid my parents had to give gifts to on the actual Christmas day. Here are some of my favorite pictures that day....

Me and my new neice, Samara

Uncle Andrew

Patrick, Jenette, and Samara

Emily and Paul got a Kitchen Aid mixer from my parents - they were really excited about it!

Andy and I got our double wedding ring quilt from my mom - it is gorgeous!

Then on Saturday we all got back together to give my mom her family pictures - here are a few...

Emily and Paul were first up

Still cute after 2 years of marriage

Patrick and Jen are still in practice posing from all the wedding shots

My mom and dad weren't as used to posing....they were funny!

But we got a few nice ones of them

Andrew wasn't too happy about taking pictures at first

Then we let him put his hat back on and Andy said something a young marine stare and got him laughing. I think this is one of my mom's favorite pictures.

Then I had to give up the camera and pose for a few shots with Andy

Katie and Dan got there and we took a few group shots with the baby

Then we took more baby pictures inside so that Samara could stay warm.

We had a great weekend with family and friends! Then a looong roadtrip home on Sunday. It took us 10+ hours because of the traffic and rain. Oh well - it was worth it. Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

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