Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at our home....

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone had a great day with family and friends.

We just thought we'd catch everyone up with what's going on with us this holiday season.

Andy and I have been busy the last few weeks with a lot of holiday fun with our families and he's been busy at work. Andy has been heading up the youth gift wrapping fundraiser for the American Red Cross and has had to put in several Saturdays and all day on Christmas eve supervising (and he even learned how to wrap gifts too!) at Fort Bragg. It was a huge success and they raised a record amount of money.

We had a great time getting together with Andy's dad, stepmom, and brother and sisters a few weeks ago to celebrate Christmas early with them.

This weekend we all got together again for Andy's sister's graduation from college up in the mountains of NC. Andy's mom and grandmother were able to come up from Georgia to see her graduate. His mom, grandmother, and sister were able to stop off at our home afterwards to see our place and visit for a day. It was great to have them here!

And for Christmas day, it was just a nice quiet day at home for Andy and I (we both have to work the next day and we already did Christmas with all the families). Andy has been dealing with a cold and so we slept in and rested some more throughout the day. We also went out to our local movie theater (for the first time since we've lived here) and saw Marley and Me. It was a fun movie and we both enjoyed it. Here's some pics of how we decorated for our first Christmas:

Our tree

I couldn't find a tree topper that I liked well enough to buy it before Christmas, so I made this one.

"Our First Christmas" ornament with a honeymoon pic of us at Disney

Our tree even managed to "grow" some money! We found it after Andy's grandmother had been we think she might've had something to do with it.
Thanks so much!

Huge stockings - I ordered them off ebay and didn't realize they were quite that big! But they are gorgeous new Pottery Barn ones for a great price, and I love colors and how they match the rest of our living room - so we'll just have to fill them up!

Christmas cards and a fun little Christmas tree tealight candle holder

Love you all,

Abi & Andy

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