Saturday, November 08, 2008

relaxing Saturday...

Today Andy and I had a good relaxing day. We slept in (once I finally got back to sleep - I had a rather sleepless night for whatever reason), had breakfast, then went out to wander around Southern Pines a little. We stopped in a music store that was pretty neat, and Andy is now thinking about picking up his guitar and trying to either teach himself or take lessons to learn how to play a little more. Then we went to one of my favorite places - the library! I have grown up loving libraries. I think my parents did a great job instilling a love of reading in all of us kids, and my mom especially taught us how to appreciate the local library. One of
the first things I do when I move to a new place is to go and find the library and get the new library card.

As kids we would go to the library once a week growing up and check out lots of books. My mom also had this great idea - as soon as each of us could read, we got our own library card. She let us check out a certain number of books according to how old we were - if we were 6 yrs old, we could check out 6 books, 7 yrs - 7 books, and so on. We loved it - and always got as many books as we could on all sorts of different topics. It was always funny to see what we were interested on at the time based on what books we ended up picking. Today was no exception - lately I have been trying to figure out what ornaments to make for our family exchange, so I ended up getting several craft and Christmas decorating books for inspiration. Andy sat in the quiet room and read some magazines while I was looking around and gathering books.

After dropping the books off in the car, we wandered around town a little. We brought our new camera and played around with it while walking.

The railroad tracks that run through the middle of town

Andy got a hold of the camera and took this funny picture of me - I was telling him to wait to take a picture, I think.

Then he took a my advice and waited until I was ready for the next picture.

It was a nice day in our little town. Come visit and explore it with us anytime!

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