Saturday, November 01, 2008

November 1st...

is our 2 month wedding anniversary. I've been married 2 months. Crazy. I've finally gotten over the surreal feeling and I feel like we've settled in. Settled into our life together, routines, work, and dealing with the daily frustrations of life. And I'm really enjoying it. I'm still a little lonely, as I haven't made many friends down here yet and I miss friends and family up in Baltimore. We've visited Andy's family several weekends though and that has been a lot of fun. They have been great and I've had fun going out with Andy's stepmother, his sister, and stepsister for some much needed girl time.

Here is a painting that I started last Sunday and finished just a few days ago (so I'm going to say it still counts). It's one of the larger paintings I've ever done - about 24"x36". I got the canvas on sale years ago and was glad to pull it out to try and brighten up our white walls. It was a lot of fun to do - try and get in a lot of colors already in our living room and pull in some others so that I have options to redecorate around too. I used acrylic paint - not my usual oil paints.

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