Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I'm thinking about changing my blog around a lot....we'll see. I'll keep anyone who might be reading posted.

I had a bad migraine yesterday and had to leave work early. I haven't had one in a while. Maybe it's the new climate of NC and changing seasons or something. Oh well. I ended up coming home in the afternoon and sleeping for quite a while. I woke up and my wonderful hubby had made us some dinner and was doing the laundry I started. He was so sweet and just let me sleep it off.

I didn't see any of the election stuff last night. And I don't feel like I missed too much, because they're already replaying all the speeches and everything on CNN at work. When the husband woke me up in the morning, he said that almost all of the people we voted for had lost. I told him that wasn't anything new for me, since I moved here from Maryland and was always in the minority there too. Oh well. I just hope and pray that our new leaders will lead our country and our state well.

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