Tuesday, October 03, 2006

changing views...

This is my new view on the way to work.....and I'm really appreciating it. Since I've moved to the other side of town, the last few weeks have been a lot of fun - learning new ways to get places, inevitably getting lost, and getting used to new surroundings and routes. I like change - and so far this seems to be a good one for me. And I was just struck with how much I do like my new drive, coming into Baltimore each morning as the sun is rising, getting into the city before too much of the traffic craziness, waking up as I drive and realizing how much I like this random place that I live by and work in. I drive past the Load of Fun art building on Howard St. and get inspired each day. And this morning I drove into Hampden (the very random part of Baltimore city where I work) and hit up the local coffee shop Common Ground for a tall cup of Chai and a bagel to take to work with me. It's been a good morning....and I'm not a morning person.

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