Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend getaway...

I just returned from a weekend in Williamsburg, VA (thanks to my parents for letting me use their timeshare resort as a birthday gift). I talked a few of the girls into coming with me and we had some random fun times. Here are a few pics and highlights:

- Skipping work to drive down on Friday
- SONIC drive-in 4 times!
- $90 in Gift certificates to the outlets from the timeshare place, which I spent on 2 great pairs of jeans and got done most of my Christmas shopping - here's a pic of Becki and I in front of one the cows at the outlets "Accessories are necessities"
- SuperWalmart midnight run

- Wine tour and tasting (and almost getting kicked out of the place for taking this picture!)
- Fun shops in historic Williamsburg, where Erin had way too much fun....

- possible God-things with a few random who invited us to church, and the other whom we invited....

- talking Erin into "exploring" William and Mary college with me late at night

- and "Death by Chocolate" birthday cake at a ritzy restaurant, where we got to bless the waitress with a good tip

It was a very relaxing, yet fun-filled trip - thanks guys for coming with me and we missed you Emily Joy!

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  1. College student poseur! ;) Love ya Ab.