Tuesday, November 22, 2005

last day teaching

Today was my last day teaching art at the private school where I've been working. I will miss the kids, and will most likely want to come back to it at some point, but for now, I think I'm ready to go. More because of the principals than the kids. I will miss them and teaching art, but today, I was quite glad to be leaving. I laughed all day. First there was a lice scare and we had to check heads and found some kids with bugs, and for this preppy school, that was a huge catastrophe. We sent those kids home and started taking out all the rugs and pillows and such to wash them. This left the rest of the kids running around and saying their heads itched all day. We also had a schoolwide gathering and community lunch just to add to the craziness. Then we had a final art lesson with all the kids in the school (3yr-12yr olds) working together on the same group projects, which was just about as calm as the rest of the day. : )
But the kids were really sweet and gave me a book of drawings and written notes. I will miss them and the teachers, but....I think I'm ready for a nice boring office job downtown with a design company, near a bunch of artists and studios...which I will be starting on Monday. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. u sound lik u lov working with kids alot, and even kno this might be the last time u c them, they wil remember u!