Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Birthday and Cannolis

Today was my birthday (well technically yesterday since its late at night and I should be in bed....) and I am inching closer and closer to 30...boy do I feel old. But I am only 26 so I guess I do have a few more years to go. I have had a long couple of days and am looking forward to a relaxing weekend getaway down to Virginia with some friends to celebrate. I'm going to Sonic - that is exciting!
Today for my actual birthday though, I was blessed to have a lot of good friends and my family call and email and had some people over to my apt. for dessert. My adventure for the evening was attempting to make homemade cannolis - which actually turned out quite well. So now my sister tells me I am fully qualified to marry an Italian boy : )
Thanks everyone for celebrating with me!


  1. I am SO SORRY that I missed your get together. My days have been so screwed up that I was convinced it was only Monday, and then I missed the shindig =/ I miss you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, maybe now we'll at least "know" how the other is doing?!

  2. Jill C11:46 PM

    Happy belated birthday! (I remember when you were two ;)